About us

Breddermann Kunstharze offers an optimal system for every application, by accessing a wide range of raw material independent solutions in the field of 2-component polymer chemistry.

What is the special success and why are we better than market companions? 

Optimized processes
With the construction of the new production plant in 2003, we were already able to map efficient processes in all areas of the value chain through the use of modern Six Sigma and Lean tools.

In-house development
Our technicians have been involved in 2K polymer chemistry since the beginning of the 1980s and therefore bring valuable experience to the new creation of modern systems.

Production and sales in one hand
In addition to production, the company´s own distribution channels were integrated into the business processes, enabling the sale of products with the best price/performance ratio.

Proximity to our customers
Through competent, personal and interactive consulting we find the optimal solution together with the customers.



2018/03 - Increase in turnover to 200 tonnes per year
2017/05 - Acquisition of expertise and granting of permission to dispose of styrene-containing mixtures according to ChemVerbotsV (German Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance)
2017/06 - Expertise Creation of safety data sheets
2017/02 - Expertise Preparation of safety data sheets
2015/05 - Increase of the turnover to 150 tons per year
2014/03 - Production expansion by relocation to 48480 Schapen (Germany)
2013/05 - Optimization for DETA-free systems
2012/03 - Increase in turnover to 100 tonnes per year
2012/01 - Investment in automatic filling systems
2011/08 - Development of flexible curing polyurethane compounds
2011/02 - Certifications as dangerous goods representative
2010/06 - Investment in tripod agitators, bucket agitators and dissolvers
2010/03 - Acquisition of expertise in dispensing MDI-containing preparations
2009/04 - Inclusion of raw materials for paving joint mortar
2008/04 - Registration of the trademark bredderpox®
2008/02 - Extension of the quality laboratory with tractor, visometer and refractometer
2007/04 - Inclusion of silicone and polyurethane systems
2006/07 - Development of a laminating resin system for approval by Germ. Lloyd
2005/11 - Increase in turnover to 10 tonnes per annum
2005/07 - Certification Six Sigma Black Belt
2005/01 - Substitution of 4-Nonylphenol from all recipes
2004/01 - Inclusion of products for terrariums
2003/03 - Company foundation in 59174 Kamen (Germany)